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    I started working with birds of prey when I was 15 and after gaining knowledge of different species, I now have my own Lanner Falcon and Peregrine falcon.


    In 2013 I started making hoods as a hobby but over time I have improved my skills to enable me to set up my own business. Having started with Anglo Indian hoods, I purchased a set of good quality hood blocks, and now also make Dutch hoods, eagle hoods, Arab hoods, ect

    I have also started to make leather belts, dog collars, handbags and wrist bands as an extra which can be co-ordinated with your birds hood.

    I purchase all my leather, dye and other supplies in the UK and ensure they are top quality so that all of my hoods are made to the highest possible standard. If I feel that a hood is not 100% perfect I am not prepared to sell it.


    All my hoods are handcrafted to customers' specific requirements.

    Please contact me for further information regarding design, colour and size.


    I look forward to working with you.

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